Homeowners take pride in their homes; however, not everyone is able to own their dream living space. Space and Budget are the major reasons for us to alter our dreams; although, by just giving a much needed twist to your decor you can brighten up your home. You can work on a basic and modest budget and still make a huge difference in your decor. These money saving tips are easy to follow and mostly Do-it-yourself (DIY) but can help in giving your home the much needed face-lift

To make matters simple, here are the top 10 budget friendly tricks to decorate your house.

home decor1. Pay attention on the flooring

If you want a drastic make-over in your home, you can begin with the floor as it makes up for the majority area of your home. If your budget permits, you can change the entire structure to wooden flooring or tiles. If you are on a limited budget, throwing in a rug in the living area can enhance the look of the room. You can pick from a variety of budget friendly rugs or carpets and brighten up all the rooms in your house.

2. Pay attention to the upholstery

Color coordinated fabric can liven up any room and is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color in your home. Play with different fabrics, textures and patterns for your upholstery.

3. Play with the lights

People love well-lit rooms but you can add an element of romance by low watt bulbs in your home. The atmosphere changes with a click of a switch from practical to soothing.

4. Greenery

This is by far the easiest and the cheapest way to change your decor. Adding a potted plant can make any room seem livelier. You can pot small bonsai next to the window sill or a giant palm leaf in a big pot in a corner of your living room. How you want to incorporate the greenery element is totally up to you. You can opt for small potted plants or hang pots or giant cacti, the choice is yours.

5. Storage areas can be attractive

If you don’t have enough space in any room, your best bet is to invest in tall furniture which takes up little space but offers a lot of storage. An antique looking armoire or a tall book shelf can add a touch of class to your home.

6. Visit remnant desks

You can add pops of color and pattern to your upholstery by using remnant fabric from local fabric stores. They are cheaper but can help you mix and match and change the look of your home. Use them for covering cushions or outlining the curtains for a retro look.

7. Invest in an antique looking piece of furniture

Timeless furniture designs never go out of style, so invest in solid pieces like an antique looking settee, side table or a sofa for the old world charm. These designs will always be in fashion so you don’t have to upgrade or refurbish your furniture.

8. Add fake architectural elements

This is an inexpensive idea that can offer a structural element to your home. Rectangle shelves to showcase knick knacks or molding together a small box with painters tape can be a classy element in your living space.

9. Refurbish old things before completely discarding them

Rather than throwing an old sofa, try to change the fabric, buff old wooden furniture or add extra cushions on the sofa for a brand new look.

10. Take inspiration from the internet

The internet is full of ideas and places that can offer so much in very little money and time. Look what’s selling on EBay or similar sites and you can unexpectedly lay hands on some good deals.

Josef Albers is a blogger for Empire carpet care – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company Reno and likes to blog about home improvement related topics. In his free time likes to research on various home designs and decorative ideas.