hikingHiking provides great bonding opportunity with the kids.  This might be the answer you are looking for if you’re thinking of an activity that will earn everyone’s approval. There are few precautions to take note though, to help ensure that the experience shall turn out smooth-sailing. Here are few of them.

Choose kid-friendly route.

Consider the pace of your young ones, not to mention their overflowing curiosity.

Pick an easy trail. Ensure that there are no steep terrains you will have to pass through. Consider the sights as well. We, adults, can probably handle seeing only boulders of rocks for hours of walking. But kids are different. They want something they can observe or play around with.

It helps if the views are interesting for young explorers.  Consult experienced mountaineers as well as tour guides about kid-friendly hiking spots.

Be extra patient especially when you’re taking your stops too long. Expect it will take longer for you to finish hiking. Still, enjoy every moment of it. The journey is, after all, more important than the destination.

Orient kids.

Set rules and teach kids hiking basics early on.

Talk to them about creatures they should be aware of such as poisonous plants and insects. Advise them as well to take only assigned trails.

Pass on the rule of thumb to your young ones: Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints.

On the day of your hike, see to it that an adult is in front of them to lead the way, and another behind them.

Bring more than one camera.

Kids love posing for the camera. They also enjoy taking photos of anything they find interesting.

Expect that your camera will run out of battery sooner. With this, bring extra gadgets (they should be compact) so you can document the rest of your hike. Make sure your gadgets are fully-charged, especially your cell phones.

Be cautious when choosing areas to do the photo shoot. Safety should always come first.

Pack food.

Hiking is a physically-demanding activity. You need to stay fueled throughout the hike.

Pack your own bottled water. This shall ensure that everyone in the group takes in a clean drink. There may be natural water resource along the way but this is not the time to consume anything foreign.

Medical facilities are not easily accessible.

Also, ensure that you have snacks with you such as energy bars and nuts.

Wear appropriate outfit.

Gear up!

Conduct research about the environment you are hiking. You cannot climb your way up on flip flops and shorts. Proper outfit includes walking shoes as well as outdoor-activity friendly clothing.

You need not invest in brand new items. Ask your friends around if they can lend you hiking gears and equipment.

Let kids bring their own small bags where they can store their snacks and bottled water. Check to ensure that the weight of their pack does not interfere with their walking. Choose a bag with built-in mesh for drinks.

Keep patience your company.

Even when everything started out fun, kids suddenly might throw tantrums along the way. You know how it feels when kids try to test your patience.

One time, I thought it would be better to write my papers the whole day than argue with the kids while we’re out in the woods. There’s just no way you can walk out, and leave them with your partner.

Be prepared for these instances. Plan games or challenges to keep the young ones in a positive mood. Nettie Gray ensures that her family gets to go on an outdoor activity such as hiking every year. She’s grateful there are ways individuals can have so much fun together despite huge age gaps, and varying interests.