bed_03_1_-2When we talk about organizing a bedroom it means that we are actually thinking about maximizing the storage space within the room. The matter of selecting right storage spaces for a bedroom is often tricky especially when you have a small bedroom. When you have a perfect storage corner you can take its advantage till the last bit of it. There are several mode of storage which can be added to your room. All of them perform their function differently and efficiently. Some of them store things in such a way that they are hidden.

Most of them are in the form of exposed rack which is often utilized in organizing your books.

Here I am going to describe some of the types of storage which can help you in organizing your bedroom you can read them out and pick the one which is suitable for your room. this will surely maximize the organizing potential of your room.

Mode of storage:

These are the basic three mode of storage;

  • Decorative mode of storage
  • Utility storage
  • Hidden storage or Hideaway storage

You can find their explanation in the following paragraphs with clear examples and picture illustration.

1.      Decorative mode of storage:

This is an alluring yet stylish style of organizing your room. You can décor your bedroom with such amazing pieces which play a role of a storage space and a decoration piece as well. You can choose an armoire with decorative painted doors. They can also be dresser with tinted glass doors. They will not only help you in organizing your cloths but will also beautify your room. Even you can also place a couple of boxes wrapped in attractive papers along with ribbon flower arrangement. Most of the people also place handmade baskets in their rooms. In traditionally decorated bedroom the wicket baskets look very good and are useful as well.

2.      Utility storage:

The wall fixed racks and wooden shelves in your bedroom work as a utility storage. They are specially designed for some specific purpose. Like in some racks you can organize your books and magazines. In your closets you might have shelves and separations where you can place you belongings like clothes, shoes and other small accessories. In most of the cupboards you have all hanging place where you can hang up your dresses. And some of the closets are available with sorted spaces.

If your room is spacious and you keep it organized then you have the chance to fix exposed cupboards in combination with all hanging and shelf part.

3.      Hidden or hideaway storage:

You cannot leave the bedroom linens and other accessories anywhere in your bedroom because they will give your room a cluttered look. You need to have such space where you can store your items in such a way that no one could see them. This space can be under your bed in the form of ottoman and drawers. Moreover you can place some storage bags under your modern leather beds to store blankets bed covers and other linens.

These were the three basic mode of storage which helps you in keeping your room neat and clean.

Author is a housewife and a guest blogger as well. She shares her expertise regarding home décor every week in the form of different informative posts. Her basic interest is writing about bedroom décor, single faux leather beds and other supplementary furniture items.