Fitted Furniture Although not suitable for every family, in particular those in rented accommodation, using fitted furniture in the home can add a professional and personal finish to the whole room. Decorating which incorporates the aesthetic of the furniture creates a unified effect, making the room look like it’s had the attention of a top designer. From wardrobes in the bedroom, to fitted cabinets in the kitchen and even built in storage in the living area, it’s possible to find a place for the fitted unit in the majority of homes. Any homeowner should consider looking into the possibilities offered by fitted furnishings to see if they might enhance their interiors.

In the bedroom, wardrobes are of course the obvious solution. Tailored to specifically suit the shape of the room, whether there are sloped ceilings or inset areas of different depths, a fitted wardrobe adds an extra level of professionalism to the whole space. They can be personalised to colours or materials appropriate for the room and the overall style of the décor. Filled with shelves, drawers, rails or even shoe racks as befitting the needs of the individual, they can be made appropriate for any space. Moreover, even beds can be made in a fitted style, with storage underneath or other features. By making use of the appropriate dimensions to fit furniture which seamlessly blends with the structure of the space, even the smallest rooms can be made to feel airy. Free standing furniture in small spaces can be more intrusive than concealed fitted items.

Using the full height of the room from floor to ceiling ensures that all of the available space has been put to good purpose, wasting none of the useful storage space. There are also no unattractive gaps where free standing units are pushed together in the room, and no problems in cleaning small openings or awkward spaces. Lighting can also be made into a feature as part of the fitted furniture, helping to create mood and illumination in the room. If fitted furniture is used in a room, you can also save on flooring costs, as you can have your floor covering fitted up to the edge of the fitted units, thus saving money on material costs.

Bespoke furniture created to fit the room, whether bedroom, kitchen or living area adds many features beyond the obvious. Fitted furniture pieces are very different from their standalone and ready-made counterparts and it is worth looking for suppliers with samples. Co-ordinating the fitted furniture to the floor covering can be a useful starting point if this is something that will not be changed, as wall colouring and decorative touches can be decided later.