Music BoxAlthough music boxes have existed for over 200 years, their form has evolved significantly over time.  They were originally designed to fit in a gentleman’s waistcoat pocket, but later versions grew in size and complexity with some as large as a piece of furniture.  Despite the great variation, they all have one common characteristic; they all produce music using a set of pins that are plucked by a revolving disc or cylinder.  Many music boxes were so dear to their original owners that they became cherished family heirlooms.  Since there are so many different options, you now have the ability to customize your gift for the individual.


Before purchasing a music box, you should decide on the size and material that are best for its intended purposes.  Sure, you can buy a cheap, generic music box, but if you really want it to be special then you should consider investing in something that will stand the test of time.  There are a variety of hardwoods and softwoods that are used in construction, each of which has their own aesthetic appeal.  Is there a certain color tone or wood the recipient is partial toward?  How large do you want it to be?  Would they prefer an actual box or another form?  Do you want it to have metal accents for the décor?  Would you prefer something made from stone or another material besides wood?  Do you want it to have a lock and key?  With so many options, these are just a few questions to consider before purchasing a gift for someone.


Beyond the basic construction material, you should also consider the overall design and graphics of the music box.  You can customize your music box to reflect styles that are more traditional, add a number of novelty items, or a specialized graphic to the lid.  Rather than choosing a random image for the top of the music box, you should consider an image, photograph, or symbol that is particularly meaningful to your loved one.  If you decide against an image, it is also very common to add stained glass or fabric inlays to enhance the appearance of the music box.

You should also consider the interior of the music box and what its intended purpose will be.  If it will be used as a music box, you may want to consider a soft fabric to protect delicate jewelry from being damaged.  You can also choose personalized figurines that spin as the music plays.

The Song

The song you choose is arguably the most unique and important feature of your gift.  This can be the most personalized aspect of the music box since you can choose a song that carries a special significance.  Depending on the intended audience, you can choose love songs that express your true feelings, songs commemorating a special event, or songs that are reminiscent of childhood memories.  Most companies that specialize in music boxes have compiled extensive lists of songs to ensure that you find the perfect melody for your gift.  Just remember that the size of the music box may limit your options since smaller options will require a smaller disc or cylinder.  You should carefully consider all your options so that your gift conveys the exact message or emotion you want to give your loved one. 

Written by Boris Muchnik Of Music Box Attic.