QuickBooks with MacThere were some users who had been nurturing a notion that compatibility of QuickBooks with Mac was not satisfactory. But, the good news is that Intuit has been updating Quickbooks periodically. So, if you learn about the software through QuickBooks made easy, you will find that its updated version, with some welcome additions, is compatible with Mac also.

The updated version of this software comes with enhanced features. Once you go through its features by learning it with the help of Quickbooks made easy, you may certainly appreciate these features and also agree that this version can be very useful and can ideally handle the financial matters of your business.

Similarity with Windows version

The new version of QuickBooks for Mac has a lot of similarities with the Windows version. With the flowchart interface of QuickBooks for Mac, you can organize all the tasks of your business. Tasks are grouped logically and some of the examples of these groupings are vendors and customers, employees, and company. Likewise, tasks related to banking are grouped separately. To elaborate further, the whole process of the Vendor section may consist of creating a purchase order for the items that are available in your inventory, adding the items to the inventory through the Receive-Inventory Button when they arrive and finally, paying the bill using a button called Enter-Bills-Against-Inventory.

Shifting to QuickBooks

You may have been using QuickBooks earlier or may be using it for the first time. Whatever may be your experience with this software, you can easily move your business information from where it is now to QuickBooks. But, you should educate yourself fully for which you can use QuickBooks made easy. There is an import option using which you can retrieve the data on a CSV file or on your Mac’s Address-Book-app for adding them to the software. You also have another feature for attaching documents with the help of which you can link your existing documents to your vendors and customers. You can link these documents to invoices also.

Further, you have the feature of free integration with the Payment Network of Intuit. This means that you can make payments without using a check. After you create your account, you can give links to the invoices for which payments have to be made. The payments made get posted to the bank account the subsequent day. Fees for these transactions are much less than the usual credit card transaction fees. With the help of QuickBooks, all the transactions are downloaded and then, internal reconciliation takes place also.
With QuickBooks, you can link scanned receipts and other documents to customers and vendors. Documents can be linked to employees also. Relevant documents and estimates as well as invoices can be linked with each other. This helps you to find the documents easily. When you are able to get all the associated documents together, your tasks are greatly simplified. But, for using the software in the right manner, you must learn it using QuickBooks made easy.

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