As the incidences of break-ins, burglaries, robbery, and home invasions continue to rise, more and more homeowners are feeling worried about the security of their home. If you want to improve home security and want to keep your personal belongings, as well as your family members safe and protected, find out what and how you can do the same. 

home securityUpgrade the locks in your home 

To improve the security of your home, you must first upgrade your home’s locks. By installing superior quality and advanced models of locks on your exterior doors and front gates and windows, you can prevent thieves and robbers from entering inside your home. A deadbolt style of lock, to take just one example, is a very high grade lock that offers improved security. These locks are not easy to open and thereby prevent criminals from breaking in to someone else’s property. You may also add a door chain to make your home safe and secure.

Install home security camera system 

Home security camera systems are highly effective in improving home security. Security cameras deter the criminals from breaking in homes that have cameras installed outside the house.  In case burglary or robbery takes place, it becomes quite easy for the police to reach the criminal. Home security camera systems record each and every thing, making it easy for the police to identify the criminal and catch hold of him.

Get window or door burglar alarms 

Majority of the burglaries take place through unlocked doors and windows. Get burglar alarms fitted into your windows and doors. In case someone tries to break in, the alarm would make noise which would be loud enough to alert you and your neighbours.

Today, there are a lot of security companies that provide alarm monitoring services. In case of break ins, burglaries, and thefts, the burglar alarm alerts the security company who immediately reaches the crime location with guards and police officials. Burglar alarm monitoring devices are quite useful in deterring criminal activities in the first place and in finding the thieves and burglars in case crime has taken place.

Buy motion activated spotlights with in built spy cameras 

The motion activated spotlights feature a spy camera and a DVR inside them.  On being tripped, the LED spotlight goes on and a DVR starts recording. There is an SD card present in the camera that is capable of holding approximately 4-5 hours of video.

Since the recording is done on motion activated only, you can get over a weeks worth of recording on a single SD card.

In addition to installing these advanced security tools, you must do the following to improve your home security

    • Remove trees and shrubs that could allow thieves to hide themselves and attack you from behind
    • Make sure that there are proper lights in your garden and backyard
    • When going out for party, lock all the doors and windows.
    • Leave some lights open so that thieves know that there is someone inside the house
    • If you are going out for a holiday or for work, do inform your neighbours. Give them your contact details so that they can contact you in case something unfortunate happens.
    • Make sure that your home security devices are in proper working condition. Get them checked from time to time to enjoy improved home security.