There is nothing more joyful than embarking on your dream vacation. However, whether you are heading to your favorite exotic beach, ski destination, or theme park, there are some easy yet time-tested tips that you can follow to make travel even more joyful.

1. Set your activity time to be in the morning

Morning is when your agenda will be emptier than it will it will later in the day, your energy levels will be higher and the weather will most likely be friendlier. You can even reacquaint yourself with the sunrise as well. Taking a walk at dawn is the very definition of rejuvenation. Try to make this an everyday ritual of your life away from home, and this will guarantee that you and your family end up becoming both physically and spiritually replenished.

us travel2. Get into and on the water as much as you can

Avoid spending all the time that you have during your travel on land. Whether there is an ocean, swimming pool or tree-lined lake nearby, make you and your family gets into the water for games or swimming. You can even get a good working by walking while waist-high in water. You can also have a great time on water as well. It can be fun to paddle boats and if you are traveling with your partner, it can be romantic to ride in a row boat. Depending on your vacation destination, there are many other kinds of water vessels that you can board, such as kayaks, powerboats, sailboats, steamboats, etc.

3. Get our every 2 hours if you are driving

Spending a large part of a vacation on the road is quite common for many of us, whether we are driving in order to see the sights or to get from and to different destinations. However, regardless of how lovely the scenery is, you can have a great and memorable trip if you remain seated in the car. Do not wait to get exhausted or when you have to attend to nature’s to pull over and get out. Get out often and have a picnic, stretch, or just walk around for a while. Not only is it important for your energy and health, but it will make your travel a lot more fun and interesting too.

4. Explore on foot

This is even better that driving in a car, and having fun does not necessarily mean relying on a car or a tour bus. You can get acquainted with a new location on foot too. In fact, you can actually get the feel for a place if you get out and walk. Walk around after spending the first couple of hours at your vacation city. If you are in a city, locate museums, parks, restaurants and shopping areas on foot.

5. Play active games

When thinking of outdoor sports, usually team sports such as baseball, hockey or soccer comes to the mind of most people. However, sports such as these can be extensively strenuous and intimidating if you have not played them for a long time. However, when you are traveling you can always play gentler games to add more joy to your travel, such as badminton, lawn bowling, and table tennis. Try to spend some time every day playing an outdoor game while on vacation.

If you are traveling to the United States, as a bonus, your trip can be even more joyful. Make this happen all you need to do is apply for the ESTA Visa Waiver Program which is an entry point to visit USA. Nonetheless, wherever you are headed, implementing the above five easy tips will ensure a more joyful journey and vacation.