Home  Surprise PartySo, you’ve finally prepared to give a surprise birthday party someone from your family whether your husband, son, daughter etc. You would be definitely planning to make some necessary arrangements at your home. While making all those arrangements, it is extremely important to keep this thing in mind that all the arrangements made should be of that kind that when the birthday individual arrives at the house, he should be amazed to see the decoration of the house and when he comes to know that the decorations have been made especially for him so he would be extremely delighted to know that. Here are some essential tips to decorate your home for such purpose;

  • Walls:

Choose that location of wall, which appears to be prominent at first glance and write “Happy Birthday” along with the name of individual through ribbons in a beautiful way. On various other sides of the wall place some photographs of the individual. When an individual would enter the house and he sees that at first sight, that his family has prepared a surprise party for him, he would feel extremely happy on that.

  • Balloons:

Decorate your home with various balloons of different colors and if the tag “Happy Birthday” appears on that so it would be much appreciable. This decoration will naturally appear to be nice and beautiful, especially on seeing at first sight.

  • Candles:

When the individual is about to enter the house darkness should exist everywhere except for the candle lights. Beautiful candle light should exist in the house which should be throwing some light in almost all parts of the house.

Apart from that everyone should be dressed in accordance with the fact that it is a special occasion. As mentioned earlier, when the individual arrives at home except for candle lights, all the lights of the home should be turned off and when the individual reaches the middle of the house then all the lights of the home should be turned on and everyone should say altogether in a loud voice “Happy Birthday”, which would make the individual so surprised and on seeing the beautiful decoration of the house suddenly he will feel extremely delighted on watching the beautiful decoration everywhere along with beautiful smiling faces of family members everywhere. And then the celebration should commence and it should involve various games and fun related activities.


While preparing a surprise birthday party for some family member, it is necessary to make the necessary arrangements in such a way that it should simply give the impression to the individual that he is someone who holds a lot of value to all the family members. Along with decoration, it is also necessary that the celebrations should be of that kind that are in accordance with the standards of decoration i.e. one should enjoy the party in such beautifully decorated home. And lastly some seasoned photographer should be hired to take various photographs of all the family members involved in the celebration. Later, the best photographs should be printed on cheap canvas printing which when viewed will recall beautiful memories of that occasion and one will naturally find a beautiful smile on his face.