Four Surpising Ways Facial Hair Can Affect Your Social StatusWhen cared for properly, one’s facial hair can be as effective as his clothing or his attitude at conveying his chosen persona. As young men adapt their post-college style choices to their new adult lifestyles, they need to be mindful of the length and style of his facial hair. There are only a few millimeters between suave and sloppy.

When in Doubt, Keep It Short

A full beard is almost never appropriate for job in a corporate office. A beard can cover the entire lower half of the face, but it needs to be kept very short. It should be trimmed at least every two days to keep it at a consistent length. Keeping a beard short ensures that all of the hair grows in the same direction. A beard that has too much length or texture sometimes looks dirty. Even if one does not have a corporate job, he can convey a sense of professional success by keeping his beard closely trimmed.

The Creative Look

Artists have more leeway when it comes to their facial hair. Old-fashioned looks have come back into vogue. The trend started out as an ironic hipster fashion statement and eventually turned into something that men genuinely enjoyed. Fluffy muttonchops and handlebar mustaches are popular in creative communities. Unlike young professionals, artists use their facial hair to imply that they do not need to work. They very well might have steady jobs, but the goal of having unconventional facial hair is to give off the impression that one is not welcome in corporate society.

Looking More Mature

Growing a beard is one of the easiest ways to add some maturity to a boyish face. This is problematic for men who do not actually want to grow beards. One way around this is to grow one’s sideburns a little longer and thicker than they currently are. A man without any sideburns at all looks uncool, and someone with overly long sideburns would look a few decades out of date. Mid-length sideburns make one look modern and authoritative.

Proper Grooming

It is important to use mens grooming products every day. Like the hair on one’s head, facial hair looks dry and unhealthy if it is not treated well. It would also be wise to clean up the edges of the beard at the cheekbones and under the jawline. A beard with perfectly straight edges makes one look wealthy and fashionable enough to own luxury real estate in the ski town of Park City, Utah. Skiing is an elite, exclusive hobby, and well-maintained facial hair would help one fit in better with other skiers.

Facial hair is more than a typical accessory, since it is on the face and is worn every day. Making the right style choices and taking care of it properly go a long way toward making the desired statement.