greeting-cardsE-cards are in these days and they’ve displaced paper greeting cards as the favorite means of sending out thoughts to loved ones on special occasions. E-cards are available for free, although you can also pay if you really want the specialized ones. There’s a bunch of them available for almost every occasion, whether it’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. In the corporate world, e-cards have found their place during special occasions when businesses extend their holiday greetings to clients and add a touch of warmth on this part of the day.

  • Consider whether it makes sense to send an e-card.

In today’s fast-pace life, it pays to give someone something tangible that could mean what you have to say. So, ask yourself, will the e-card that you’re sending strengthen your relationship with your client? It helps to spend some time and really analyze the value that sending an e-card has for your business.

  • Consider who will receive your e-card.

Consider whether or not the recipients of your e-cards are tech savvy or not. Are they spending some time checking your email and Facebook? Or are they the type of people who primarily work offline? What type of gadgets are they using? Do they frequently check mails on iPhone or iPad? Or are they using their PC or laptop most of the time?

  • Be simple with your words

As with writing a letter, don’t bury your recipients with highfalutin words that will only make them wonder what the greeting is all about. Keep your message simple. The more they understand what you’re trying to mean, the more they’ll feel your thoughts for them. After all, it’s really the thoughts that count—not the flowery words that don’t really add value to your message.

  • Highlight your cards with images and photos

Today’s corporate e-cards give you the option to make your work more creative and visual with the help of images and photographs. They say a picture speaks of a thousand words and they are definitely effective in conveying your message. There are a variety of image options to choose from to customize your e-card and make them more unique and meaningful for your recipient.

  • Think about what you are sending.

Considering the gadget of your recipient, take note that not all e-cards are supported by every format.  For example, iPhones users can’t read Flash animations. Likewise, large file size makes it more difficult to load and you’ll only annoy the recipient more than you’ll ever amaze him. There are also individuals who consider e-cards as form of spam, so it’s worth noting to send someone the card if you have actually established relationship or constant contact with him.

  • Be sincere with your thoughts

No e-card could be better that those crafted with the sincerest feeling. Just write whatever’s in your heart and your loved one will definitely get touched by your gestures of love and affection.

Sending e-cards could mean so much to someone, so you don’t want to disappoint him or her by sending him usual messages that he has read many times over. Make your loved one’s day and make special occasions even more meaningful by stamping your heart and your personality on the e-card that you want to give to your dearly beloved. Add a touch of love on it and you’ll definitely paint sparkle on their eyes!

Manilyn Moreno is fond of organizing events. She specializes in special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings. As a freelance writer on the side, she also writes tips on catering and shares them at