Designers and retailers always have something new and unusual for us in every kind of items and products. As the season of Christmas gets near, markets and stores get filled with fascinating products and exciting sale offers that draw huge amount of shoppers. While doing shopping for Christmas, women have few basic things in mind to buy for upcoming Christmas celebrations that should be matching or at least complimenting the rest of their shopping stuff. New trends and styles of every latest product are displayed in the stores to attract your attention and make you spend lots of money on those items. The main accessories for woman contain large concern for handbags that should be stylish, matching, and suitable for your figure to carry for different events of Christmas occasion. In current discussion, we will let you know the most recent fashion trends in the market of handbags for fall season.

hand bagsTotes

Ever favorite totes are still in style according to recent fashion activities. You can find totes in leather, fabric, or synthetic material at the shops in various colors and designs making them perfect to choose with a classic dress for the Christmas party.


Lengthy bags can also be adapted at this year’s eve, as they are easy to carry number of bulk and also give a trendy appearance. They are ideal for busy moms and working ladies, as they need to stuff lots of things while moving out. This year they come in bit sleek designs with shoulder strips.


If you want to look funky along the factor of comfy, you should go for hobo collection of fall 2013 in stores. They come in variety of embellishments such as sequins, metal buttons, fringes, funky art, and many other designs. Leather, fabric, and faux stuff are common in hobo style.

Jumbo Clutches

Elegant jumbo clutches are the sweethearts of new fashion trends. You can pick the rightly matching structured clutch to make your make signature style at the grand Christmas bash. This season they are available in sassy, elegant, and fancy look as well as folder bags in a professional touch for regular use.


Fringes and tussles are so much in the lime light these days to allure fashion following women. Whether its outfits, shoes, or handbags, you can find lingering fringes all over the products. Wisely find the truly harmonizing style of fringes handbag and let the party swing.


Shimmering metallic purses are available now to rock the celebrations of Christmas in distinct styles and striking colors. Shiny leather clutches and full sequins covered bags are a big hit this fall season. Making them one of perfect gleaming Christmas gift ideas 2013 to grab for sisters and friends. This style is mostly seen in the collection of Victoria Beckham, Dries Van Noten and Viktor & Rolf.


For the young girls who love to have fun in the Christmas mass with a style, need to wear elegant and smart backpacks of new vogue. These cuties are accessible in simple to chic shapes along with the recent kinds of trimmings.

Leopard and reptile skins

Proceeding with the trends of last year, handbags in leopard skins and reptiles such as snake and crocodile skins are emerging with style statement. These skins are designed in diverse shapes and figures of bags, usually well-structured models are seen in the fashion walks.

Shearling and pony hair

Fluffy shearlings are also on your way to bring a cozy effect in the quest of looking stylish. Thick furs are being used in clutch sorts and similarly in shoulder bags. For experiencing most smooth touch of pony hair, you can also buy a gracefully glowing pony hair bag at this Christmas.

Velvets and pop art

Velvets are the best new change of trends in fall 2013 to feel flattered and warm. They arrive in most luscious and rich colors for what velvet is known widely. They attract women who strive to get elegant possessions to buy; on the other hand, who love to get funky can also find pretty, bright colored pop art on the bags to style them in vision.