SEO or Search Engine Optimization is getting very widely followed and used by Internet marketers though its getting complex due to the alterations to Google search algorithm and introduction of new Google updates. In order to have a rocking & successful performance SEO  strategy there are more than hundreds of factors to be followed about which we all can only guess as its not been disclosed by Google but in the the end there are few major points that all Internet marketers can watch out for in their SEO strategy to ensure that you don’t hurt your search optimization progress.

seo1.      Pursuing Black Hat Optimization Techniques

Black Hat SEO tactics are the controversial strategies which can manipulate search ranking results, considered unethical and violates Google & other search engines guidelines. Keyword Spam, Linking from link farms, irrelevant content etc. If you get caught by Search Engines by following Black hat SEO techniques your site would be heavily penalized and the bargain would be more than you could think of so it’s better to follow the guideline whether it takes time and your effort as that would be worth it in the long run.

2.      Quality of the Content

One of the most common mistake made by the marketer is they would spend too much of their time in building their web site uber cool, making it look more fancy and decorative while completely ignoring the content on it. Now for the search engine quality of the content is what really matters and it matters a lot giving you much more weight-age on ranking parameters rather than how fancy your website looks.

Better the content is the more it gets shared and linked to thereby increasing your web site’s value and unique engaging content will make viewers coming back to your site and this gives a sign to search engine that your website is worth being at the top of search result.

3.      Keywords Stuffing

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing would land your web page at the top position in the search engine results page as this is one of the most unethical method today for SEO which could land your page into huge risk of penalization by Search Engine.

4.      No Off-page Optimization

off page optimization is a very big plus point for digital marketing. Posting high quality guest post and developing relationship with reputable web sites can enhance your sites position too.

5.      Inactive in Social Platform

Regularly posting and sharing relevant quality content on your social platforms will attract more viewers to your web site and it will enable your content to get shared on a larger  network exposing it to a wider audience and thus it helps in your web site’s branding.

6.      Search Algorithm Updates

Google and other search engines periodically now then comes up with some updates to their search algorithm which changes the course of the complete search mechanism and if you are not well versed with the changes and the updates than your optimization procedure gets affected. In order to make your SEO grand successes try to keep up with the search algorithm updates