Your morale is severely hampered when you see a thick bunch of your hair entangled in your comb right in the morning. Have you been observing lately that your hair have become so brittle that the strands break, even when you just touch to caress the same?  Has washing your hair every morning become a nightmare for you? Well, this means you are suffering from major hair fall problem which cannot be ignored any longer.

Reasons For Hair Loss

  • Lack of protein content in your body
  • Lack of iodine content in your body
  • Excessive stress
  • Dandruff that is accumulated since long
  • Health problems like thyroid or diabetes
  • Excessive exposure to hair styling and blow drying

Healthier HairTips To Make Hair Strong & Healthy:

These imbalances are a sign that all is not well and you simply cannot afford to put your hair care on the back burner any longer. Follow these simple tips to ensure healthy and strong hair.

Diet That Boosts Hair Health:

If you wish to have those naturally luscious and flowing tresses, pay attention to what you eat every day. Do not indulge in excess of refined carbohydrates and processed foods as they slow down your metabolism and blood circulation which limits the supply of oxygen to your hair. Also, make sure you include foods rich in protein, iodine and vitamin E like oily fish, milk and milk products, eggs, spinach, broccoli, almonds, avocados, guavas and lots of water. When your body would be supplied with the adequate amount of nutrients it requires, it will naturally start fixing its problems on its own.

Dry Your Hair Naturally:

Quit using blow drying whenever your hair are wet, although waiting for your hair to dry up naturally could take some amount of time. Hence, keep enough time in hands whenever you plan to wash them. However when your hair dries up naturally, their inner strength increases and they also appear to be more lush and voluminous. Blow drying would strip away the essential moisture from your scalp, leaving dried and itchy scalp which gives your hair a lifeless look.

Never Comb Or Tie Wet Hair:

This is common mistake which most of the women commit whenever they are hit by either laziness or impatience to reach somewhere. In either of the cases, this habit must be curbed at all costs as it is extremely detrimental for your hair. Hair when wet is weak and vulnerable. And when you comb them they tend to fall off even more. Also, if you tie your wet hair into a pony, pig tail or bun their roots grow weak, which results in limp hair and breaking away of strands.

New Is Not Always Good:

The next time you see that new shampoo TV commercial, do not just jump out of the couch and head straight to the supermarket in order to buy it. Changing shampoos frequently could also be the cause of your acute hair fall. Check carefully the composition of the shampoo you are using. You must know your hair type and choose to wash your hair with a shampoo which is best suited for that. Always remember to deep condition your hair after you wash your hair.

Scrub Your Scalp:

Before you wash your hair, make it a point to comb your hair for five minutes. This will scrub away the dead cells that have been accumulated on your scalp and which notoriously stop nourishment and oxygen to enter your scalp pores, thereby resulting in hair fall. Treating your scalp with this tip would also ensure better blood circulation of your head.

Oil Regularly:

Stay away from scented oils which are artificial and usually serve no good. Choose natural oils like pure coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil and castor oil. If you are troubled with nits, consider the application of neem oil. Massage your hair with the type of oil which is most suitable for your hair and leave it overnight, washing it the following morning. Avoid going with oily hair to a dusty place.

Natural Hair Masks:

Things from the kitchen help big time. Beat an egg in a small bowl, add few drops of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon into it. Add 4 tea spoons of skimmed milk and mix well. Apply it on your hair as a mask and cover for 20 minutes. Wash off after the given time span and towel dry your hair. You would purr with pleasure when you touch your hair!

Too Much Worry Kills:

The worst thing you could do to your hair is stress out and worry endlessly on things you cannot control and also sometimes over things which do not deserve your energy! Stress lowers blood pressure and can also lead to diabetes and both of these conditions are perilous for your hair health. Hence, relax and take things easy when life seems to be picking on you. Trust in the goodness of the universe and smile. Cherish the small joys we experience in our everyday lives as you never know how many people secretly crave to live your life!

Joecy Parker is an Online Manager For Dermatend – Face Mole Removal Products for Moles and Skin Tags. She likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care.