Another year has gone by with a lot of new developments and changes in the social media and digital marketing scenario. Now its the time to plan your new strategies and goals for the year ahead. But to be a successful marketing leader for the year ahead you not only have to assess your past marketing and social plans but to understand the global social media marketing changes and developments that took place in the year 2013.So we present what major updates that were rolled out by some of the major social median giants.


  1. Introduction of the lead generation cards which allows the marketer to directly collect lead information from within the tweets. Instead of filling out any forms audience or viewers have to just click “join now” or “get it now” button. twitter

  1. Image display in user’s stream automatically allows marketer to display or incorporate any visual content into their tweets which enhances the social marketing scope.


  1. Social and Graph Search- In 2013 Facebook came out with a new and innovative way to search anything on Facebook known as the Graph Search which enables its users to search and find any term or keyword in updates, posts, apps, pages, groups and even comments from your friends or public posts. This would enable marketers to keep an eye on competitors & competition research, brands & brand influencer and the content.

  1. Hashtags # – Click able hashtags were implemented by Facebook in 2013 which enable users to easily discover what other users are discussing about any specific topic and share their views and discuss.

Google Plus:

gplusRedesigned & Updated interface- Google team gave a new look and feel to the Google plus with the introduction of integrated messaging & conversation system called hangout. They also came up with the new feature called related hashtag to enable viewers to see related topics discussed and talked about throughout the network.


Web analytics by Pinterest for their business accounts enables marketer with verified business accounts to evaluate the Pinterest Metrics such as most pinned , most viewed & clicked, most recent, etc. These data can also be exported to CSV file and easily be used to develop and plan content marketing strategies. Also introduction of rich pins allows users to pin rich visual content such as movies, products, recipes, articles,etc.


  1. Linkedin Contacts- Launched in 2013 its a new functional tool to easily build corporate relations by periodically pulling up & segregates the address books, calenders and emails into one location with a detailed time-line view as a relationship.

  1. Showcase Pages- Enables a business unit or a brand to provide latest updates and news about their products and services for their followers and users to follow so that they can learn more about them.

Ana is an Digital Marketer and a creative blogger who mostly writes on topics related to Seo/ Internat marketing.