You stand in front of the mirror and stare in despair at the paunch on your belly area ; not the greatest sight to see for sure! Or let’s say you accidentally came across the jeans which you wore back in college, while spring cleaning your house! Getting a fit body is not a rocket science. Instead of sulking into depression and thereby bingeing even more on the unhealthy doughnuts, cheesy burgers, chocolates and ice creams, make a commitment to yourself that you would take charge of your health and your life! Here are some tips to start your weight loss regimen and stay motivated during the course.

Fitness Should Be A Way Of Life

The most common mistake which people commit while trying to lose weight is that they consider it temporary. Do not be focused on short term results, because no matter how fancy it might sound, the truth is that you would end up losing motivation and focus and the results would not please you. The diet which follow or the workout schedule is not for a short time. Make fitness a way of life and you would feel how naturally you have become healthy.

healthNo Short Cut To Success

When you’ve got to accomplish a goal, you need to take the stairs, there is no elevator! This holds true specifically when it comes to your health. Expecting to lose 30 pounds in one month just because you want to look gorgeous in that red dress at your best friend’s wedding is outright foolish. Even if you managed to do it with the help of unhealthy dieting, you would gain it all back. And along with that, you would also lose a lot of your energy and strength. So make realistic goals and try to achieve them gradually as your body and inner health should be your priority.

One Step At A Time

For a person who has remained unhealthy and followed a sedentary lifestyle all his or her life, getting on to a rigorous exercise regimen could be tough. Hence, do not start running in the morning, going to the gym and taking Zumba classes all at once! You would get tired of the schedule within 3 days. Start by walking briskly for 40 minutes in the morning. When you get accustomed to it, start it in the evening as well. Follow this for one month and then join a gym or any other class you like. Gradually include dietary changes instead of just announcing one fine morning, “I have left my burgers, chocolates, noodles and soda drinks forever!”.  There are high risks of failure with this approach.

No Yo-Yo Dieting

Eliminating carbohydrates and fats from your diet completely is a blunder which lures and tempts many overweight people who do not have patience. No, it does not mean that the value of the good old, salads, fruits and nuts is being undermined. They are great for the body, however eating only these foods would not help in losing the fat content of the body as they would not get absorbed without healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Eat Every 2 Hours

50% of your body fat would melt down if you consume frequent, small sized meals at every two hours. Staying hungry for longer period’s makes your body go into fat conservation mode automatically, thereby increasing the chances of paunches and bulges! Some of the healthy options fir these mini meals are – fresh fruits, carrot and cucumber sticks, nuts, vegetable juices, low fat yogurt.

Importance of Cardio Vascular Exercises

Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, cross training, aerobics and spinning are wonderful cardio vascular exercises which help you burn calories and increase your stamina. Therefore no matter how busy you are, always make a point to do these cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes every day.

Strength Training

We all know that strength training forms an integral and inevitable part of your fitness regimen, as lifting weights burns the fat even while you are at rest.   Also, it is recommended that you do more of the free hand exercises like TRX training, band exercises, bicep and triceps curls instead of simply pumping the iron at the gym.

Go Green

Certain foods contain anti-oxidants which speed u the metabolic rate of your body. Consume loads of broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, lettuce and other greens to ensure a healthy and effective weight loss. Also, these vegetables are rich in fiber which keeps you full for longer periods of time. Green tea consumption in the day twice or thrice is another powerful way to speed up the weight loss process and control stress.

Drink Water

When you are exercising and aiming at losing weight, it is mandatory that you drink up at least 3 liters of water every day. It would compensate for the water loss which happens during the physical activities. Also, the blood circulation level, blood pressure and sugar levels remain in check by drinking adequate amount of water.

Cut Out Refined Sugar

If you are really serious about achieving your weight loss targets , thee eliminate refined white sugar from your diet completely. Cut out on anything that involves sugar and watch your results speed up in no time. Sugar digests easily and gives a burst of instant energy which is not good for sugar levels of the body as well.

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