Gardening is a great stress-buster and everyone is well aware of that. It is not just an activity that helps you beautify your surroundings. Researches have shown that gardening can improve physical, mental and emotional status of our life. Working with variety of tools and spending time in preparing top quality mulches can also help us to burn down a lot of calories. Let us have a look at what motivates people to take gardening as hobby.

1) You can Keep Diabetes Under Check

Doctors strictly advise diabetic patients to go on morning walks regularly or work out daily, but without tiring themselves too much. They are recommended to work out at least 150 minutes per week. According to a research of Kansas State University, people who are active gardeners get more exercise than required standard recommendations.

So if you’re a diabetic patient, then gardening can help you to keep your sugar levels in check. Also, it won’t put your body under too much stress, but will still leave you with all the benefits of a mild workout.

gardening2) Ward off Osteoporosis

With all the physical activities involved with gardening, there’s nothing surprising if you have start feeling light. But, it is definitely surprising that gardening can improve your bones’ health as well. Researchers of University of Arkansas studied around 3,310 aged women and found out that women actively involved in gardening were at lower risks of having osteoporosis than women who were involved in other physical activities like swimming or aerobics.

This has a lot to do with the fact that a good amount of weight training is involved with gardening. You have to dig holes, carry compost, spread mulches, pull out weeds, etc. All these are forms of weight-bearing activities which help greatly in warding off osteoporosis.

3) You can Get Better Sleep

The stress-busting effects of gardening are so well-known that a different therapy called horticulture therapy has been developed to help people fight anxiety and calm agitation. It helps people to get proper sleep. So, when you’re too frustrated, spend some time in your garden.

You can take out your frustration on the weeds or dig up deeper holes. In addition, physical activity involved in gardening will cause exhaustion. With your body getting tired and your mind free of stress, you’ll definitely look forward to a nice nap.

4) You can have More Friends

In many areas, you can find gardening associations and communities. Through these communities, you can meet new people and learn more about this hobby. Even in the virtual world, gardening can connect you with lots of people via forums and communities where you can get useful gardening tips and can make new, like-minded friends.

5) Make Better Use of Spare Land

Gardening is a wonderful way of using spare land. Besides creating a beautiful flower bed, you can use some part of the land to grow vegetables. By preparing and using high quality mulches and compost, you can grow organic vegetables, which would otherwise cost you a lot in big retail stores. You can also keep some space for turf and that space can be used to take an evening stroll or simply sit and enjoy greenery.

6) It teaches you to be Patient

Gardening is an excellent hobby for impatient, angry people. You cannot control natural things and hence, you have no choice but to wait before your plants and trees start bearing flowers and fruits. The patience pays off when you see colorful flowers in your garden. Hence, gardening teaches you to be patient.

Just because gardening is helpful to people with diabetes and anxiety issues doesn’t mean that everyone can’t benefit from it. Taking up gardening as hobby at an early age will help us to stay healthy and happy for the rest of our life. In spite of so many benefits, most people hesitate to go for it because they find it tough to collect the tools. But nowadays, most gardening tools, mulches and seeds can be purchased online. So, you can easily get all you want delivered to your doorstep with minimum effort.

So, when are you starting gardening? Do share your gardening experience and insights in the comments!