High quality bifold doors are meant to last you a lifetime. So, there is nothing wrong in taking your time before investing in it. Whether they are used externally or internally, bifold doors can take interiors of your home to a whole new level. But looks aren’t enough to decide the worth of such products. Proper selection of bifold doors requires identification of essential factors that affect their overall performance. So we have listed seven crucial factors that should be taken into account before investing on them.

1) Toughness

This is the very first factor that should be considered while selecting bifold doors. After all, safety and security are the most prioritized functions of doors. Hence, you should check on quality of glasses. Windows specialists prefer going for toughened glasses, also known as tempered glasses, which are hardened through controlled thermal process. These glasses have great strength and are difficult to break.

bifold doors 2) Resistant to Weather Changes

Because bifold doors are mostly constructed with glasses, they are considered to be more susceptible to damage by rain, wind and sun. For this, you should check out specifications that indicate resistance of the glass to weather. For example, doors installed on sheltered spaces need to have water resistance of 100 pa while for external doors, it should be at least 250 pa as external doors are unprotected from natural elements.

3) Thermal Efficiency and Thermal Expansion

A big reason to install bifold doors is their thermal performance. Most folding doors use glasses with good Low E (Low Emissivity) coating, which are efficient in warding off harmful UV and infrared rays while still allowing inflow of optimal natural light. In addition, this coating is also useful in increasing insulation of your interiors. You should also ensure that the frames and panels of doors have proper thermal barriers that can sustain conduction and expansion during immense heat.

4) Less Rattling

Usually bifold doors are large and poor construction of large doors makes them susceptible to wind pressure and such folding doors rattle a lot during air movement. Hence, you should make sure that the bifold doors are capable of handling wind pressure. For this, you need to check that inter-leaving panels and intermediate locking systems are working properly. This ensures that the doors rattle less and vibrate less during heavy air movement.

5) Proper Finishing

It is very important to remember that though bifold doors go easy on maintenance, with passage of time, they will look faded and worn out. External doors fade faster than internal ones as harsh weather conditions act as catalyst and accelerate the fading process. So, it is very important that you select folding doors with proper finishing. Experts prefer anodized finishing as it contains powder coat colors which offers extra protection and delays the ageing process.

6) Proper Movement

Bifold doors work through rolling systems, and if the rolling system of your bifold door isn’t smooth, then there are chances that it might make you give a service call soon. So don’t forget to try before you purchase. Make sure that rolling system operates smoothly. Further, go for floor-rolling folding systems as they are easy to install and operate than the top-rolling ones which require an additional strong overhead beam.

7) Proper Configuration

Bifold doors are customizable and are available in several configurations. Hence, it is very important that you select the configuration that best suits the area where you want the door to be installed. For example, if you are installing door in the room that gives access to your garden, then it is best to go for odd number of panels. This arrangement will need you to push the door on one side, thereby minimizing folding space and providing maximum outdoor view.

A good thing about bifold doors is that you don’t have to worry about getting the right matches for your home – the frameless doors are perfect for almost any interior.  They serve as smooth transitions between the indoor and outdoor spaces and also between your rooms. You will have plethora of options to choose from and will definitely find one to match the interior of your home.