Stress has become the middle name of your lives, albeit quite unwillingly. So is there really a way which could help you keep stress at bay? Probably stressful situations are not under your control, but it is actually up to you if you let that stress affect you or not. It is easy to curl up in the bed and watch stare blankly at your TV, with a sugar doughnut or your favorite chocolate ice cream which simply helps you escape the stress with the help of mood altering chemicals present in it.  But let’s face it that does not solve the problem after a couple of hours.  Following are some tips which would help you overcome stress and stay relaxed and peaceful.

Eat Away The Stress

What you eat determines your moods and thoughts, so it is better that you load up on lots of fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers etc and fresh fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, blue berries and bananas. These fruits are high in healthy carbohydrates, calcium and Vitamin C which makes us feel nourished and happy. On top of that, these foods help in curbing unhealthy cravings which infuse stress into our health all the more.

anxious-woman-at-workMagic Of Herbal Tea

Since ages herbal tea has been considered as a powerful drink to ward off diseases, improve digestion and also maintain a healthy weight. The powerful quantities of anti-oxidants which are present in herbal tea are very effective in making you feel centered, relaxed and more focused. When it becomes all noisy and clustered in and around your head, just sit back peacefully and care to sip on some fresh lemon, jasmine or chamomile tea, and it is magical how your frowns start melting!

Do Not Forget Water

With the current trend of canned juices, sugary and aerated drinks which are loaded with preservatives and empty calories, the power of plain simple water is under rated at times. Water is the best drink you could consume at any time of the day. Staying hydrated is as essential for your body as a pinch of salt. Drinking 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day helps in keeping you full, and regulates blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. So the next time you feel tempted to hog on that brownie, just step back, take a deep breath and have a glass of water and drown your stress into it!

Get Off The Couch

Okay, that might sound a little too hard when your car has met with an accident, your boyfriend has cheated on you, you always have endless family commitments on weekends or your boss is giving you a hard time! Instead of feeling miserable and brooding about the fact that life’s picking on you, get your body moving. Do not give it a second thought, simply get out and start walking, running or cycling. You could also try a 10 minute vigorous dance on a peppy number! And if you exercise for 30 minutes every day, you would become much stronger to combat stress.

 Include Music In Your Schedule

How about listening to the old classical numbers or the latest ones, depending upon what you like? You could listen to music while walking, traveling and even before sleeping. It refreshes the mind and nourishes the soul making you a lot more peaceful in your life.

Chanting A Mantra

Although there are a number of benefits of meditation known to the world, let’s get real. When you have a hundred thoughts racing in your mind with lightning speed, you are a far cry from meditation. So why not try it by a different method. Practice chanting Om or any other word which you like the most (LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, FOCUS, YOUTH or anything which you wish to cultivate in you!). When you speak your focus shifts to the word and this proves to be a wonderful form of meditation. Do it when you wake up and before going to bed.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Regular practice of pranayam, which is nothing but deep breathing exercises, helps in abating stress up to a large extent. You could watch a video of the same, in case you do not know how to do it correctly. Doing this activity every day, even in the middle of work during your coffee breaks would rejuvenate you and spruce up your mind.

Spend Time In Nature

Nature has a powerful effect on your moods and as they say you could learn so much from trees and plants just by looking at them. Nature helps you to stay rooted, stable and calms your worries and emotional concerns. It also grounds your attention if you have been feeling too confused, spacey or indecisive in your life. Visit your nearby park or spend time near the sea. Getting connected with nature would liberate you from any stress which is preventing you from enjoying life.

Make Frequent Date With Friends

Well, if you are the one to think that you are now too old to organize play dates with your buddies or probably too grown up to have fun, chuck these thoughts. They would simply add to your level of stress. Spending quality time with friends reminds you of their unconditional love for you and you could also engage in moments of silliness and playful craziness with them, which otherwise you would never initiate. Having a support system always helps in eliminating stress.

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