Come summer, spending time at the swimming pool in your backyard becomes the norm. You can beat the summer heat and also spend countless memorable moments with your loved ones hosting pool parties and poolside barbecues. While most people are worried about keeping their pool clean, they forget the safety aspect. When there are kids and pets at home, swimming pool fencing is a must. It can prevent tragic accidents and ensure your pool remains a place for fun and leisure rather than turning into a safety hazard.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not take laws governing pool fences seriously. These laws are in place to protect your loved ones, particularly children, who do not realize the potential danger an easily accessible swimming pool poses. With their inherent curiosity and lack of fear, children along with pets are in danger if left unsupervised around a pool without a fence.

Pool fencingWhat Does the Australian Law Say?

Depending on where your pool is located in your property and when it was constructed, the need for swimming pool fencing varies.

If your pool was constructed prior to 1 August 1990, you will have to take measures to restrict access to the pool at all times. While you can have a door or window as a part of the fencing, it should be compliant with the existing construction norms.

If your swimming pool was constructed after 1 August 1990, but before 1 July 2010, the swimming pool fencing should separate the pool and the house. There are certain exemptions in place if the pool is located in a property of less than 230 square metres, in a property of 2 hectares or more or if the property is a waterfront property.

If swimming pools were constructed after 1 July 2010, they should have pool fences on all sides and these fences should separate them from the main house.

The law governs you even if you have an inflatable swimming pool in your home. So make sure you comply with the laws in place.

Installing Swimming Pool Fencing

There is no doubt that you have to comply with pool fencing laws. However, rather than thinking about these laws, you should be aiming to keep your family safe. That is why you need to get a professional to come and install the fencing rather than opting for a DIY project. When a professional handles the installation, you may spend more money, but you will have assurance knowing that the installation will be done right and should there be a problem, the professional is just a phone call away to rectify it.

Before you actually install the fencing, you will have to choose the right one for your property and needs. The three most popular pool fencing are:

  • Mesh Pool Fencing: Many homeowners go for this pool fencing because it is removal and can be moved. Also, it is transparent, allowing you to see the pool and water. While this could be an option, make sure the meshing complies with the existing fencing laws and the mesh should be of the appropriate size and width.
  • Vertical Bar Fencing: This kind of fencing can be made from vinyl, aluminum, wood or wrought iron. If you are opting for vertical bar fencing, go in for a material that can withstand the rigors of the elements and does not get damaged easily. Otherwise, you will be spending money every couple of years to replace the fencing. Also, make sure the gap between the bars does not exceed more than 4 inches if you want it to function as a safety barrier.
  • Glass Pool Fencing: This perhaps is one of the most preferred pool fencings in Australia, particularly in warmer climes. It looks elegant and sophisticated, and is also safe and durable. The glass used for the fencing is tempered glass, so there are no worries of shards if the glass breaks. Also, the glass is transparent, so you can enjoy the soothing view of your pool.

What Should You Choose?

If you are looking for swimming pool fencing that is secure, durable and modern, you should opt for glass pool fencing. You can still sit around your pool and enjoy the lush greenery of your garden, and if you want, you can combine the fencing with steel, timber, aluminum or steel to further enhance the appearance of your pool. You can go for a frameless or framed glass pool fencing that has square or round posts. The choices are endless when it comes to glass pool fencing and you will not be spending a bomb on it.