When you come back home after a tiring days work, you might be looking for some fun. It can turn out to be the refreshment you need to feel rejuvenated to be ready to face the next day with vigor. The fun can be multiplied if you can share it with your family. It is possible if you go for a game of shuffleboard. However, it might not always be possible for you to go to some other place to enjoy the game. In fact, all you need is a bit of space in your backyard. If you have it, you can easily turn it into a court for playing shuffleboard. Thus, you will be able to spend your evening with you family, enjoying the game the way you wish.

Select the Space for Playing Shuffleboard

To build a court for playing shuffleboard in your backyard, you need to follow a few details. It is important to select a space, which is long and narrow. Any standard court, on which you want to play shuffleboard, is around 39 feet in length and about 6 feet in width. However, they can be adjusted accordingly depending on the area that you have in your backyard. You should leave out some space on all sides. It will help the players to rest when they are not participating. Besides, others who are not participating in the game can also stand there.

ARS-PolyCourt2Select the Material You Want to Use

When you are planning to build a court for playing the game, it is important to decide on the material that you want to use. Usually you need to use concrete for constructing the court. You should pour the concrete and smoothen it with a trowel. To make it more level, you can apply acrylic sealer on it once the concrete becomes hard.

Applying Color, Wax and Coat

Once the court dries up, you need to apply the color to it. The most common color, which is usually used for painting the court, is green. Once painted, you need to add the lines typical of shuffleboard. Remember to include the scoring triangle at each end. Besides, also include the other lines necessary for playing the game. It is better to use contrasting colors for the court’s base and the lines, so that the latter are distinctly visible. At the end, you will have to apply shuffleboard wax and coat. This will make the court surface smooth and ensure that the shuffleboard discs travel on it without any problem.

Shuffleboard Templates are Available for Purchase

You can also purchase shuffleboard court templates, which are available in the market. Although you might have to increase your budget a bit for it, the process is hassle-free and is expected to help you complete building the court within a short time. However, when you are purchasing it, make sure that you take into account the space available.

Purchase a Court to Save Time

If you want to purchase a court for playing shuffleboard, it is possible as well. There are quite a few companies, which have carved out a niche for themselves as excellent manufacturers of courts for playing shuffleboard. The courts that they provide are available in a way that they can either be rolled out or they snap together to form the space. They come in a wide range of prices, depending on the materials, which have been used to make them. Some of them may come at an extremely high price. However, there are quite a few companies, which offer cheap courts for playing shuffleboard. You can select the best one, which comes within your budget.

If you have a court for playing shuffleboard in your backyard, you won’t find any problem in spending an enjoyable evening after a tiring day.