I just want to a share a few essential tips to maintain your fitness to stay healthy, follow all my tips which really help you to decrease calories and get into shape.

First Join a Gym:

Gym is the perfect place where you can burn calories and also get a well-toned shape. Just spend 1 hour a day for your health, its little bit difficult job but it’s not an issue that’s all for your fitness.

Don’t Starve:

Don’t be in an empty stomach, which cause many serious problems. In-taking healthy food at regular interval will always help you to get more protein to your health. Before your workout, consider the following foods to eat and ask your fitness expert also.

Energy drinkFood to take before workout

1)      Oatmeal

2)      Brown rice with chicken

3)      Protein shakes

4)      Bananas

5)      Peanut butter sandwich

6)      Energy drink

7)      Yoghurt

Eat Healthy:

“Eat Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”

Food to Follow

Fruits, Multi-grain, Milk, Vegetables, Sprouts, Soup, Curd, Fish, Chicken and Paneer.

Food to Don’t Follow

Cold drinks, Ice-cream, Jung food, Fired Food, Sugar Product, Many fruits after meal, Fiber contains fruit juice, Food like corn and potato.

Gym Equipments:

Ellipticals, Treadmill, Rowing machine, weighting machine, stationary which are the few equipment which helps you to keep you fit.

Keep Snacking:

While over eating is detrimental, starving yourself for more than five to six hours which cause injurious to your health. So that eats some frequent food to maintain a high rate metabolism throughout the day. Eat some healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts and peanuts at regular intervals.

Always drink plenty of water:

Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day which helps to maintain your proper weight.

Few points about why you should drink water               

1)      Water helps you to clean toxins from your body.

2)      Its helps to pumps up metabolism.

3)      When starving drink water before eating that saves you from calorie-counting.

Include protein in your meal:

Protein plays a major role in building muscles. The rate at which the body burns calories which help you to fat loss.

The foods which contain protein are white meats, milk and milk product, eggs, whey, casein and hydro whey.

Sleep Tight:

Sleep plays a vital role in keeping your physical health in balance. Its helps in repairing muscles, healing and blood vessels.