Today after so many important Google updates had rolled out, the major strategy opted by the digital marketers is build unique and engaging relevant content and one of the major area of content creation is Blogging. Most of you would often hear that content writing is complicated or difficult whether it ebooks or whitepapers, curation, website copy writing or social media content. Here Reputation Management Agency experts Media Mosaic has presented some of the most important factors in the form of tips & tricks for content marketers & bloggers to create effective & engaging blogs.

Generating New Post Ideas-

  1.    By using Google Auto-complete to search for a particular term Google provides  you with long tail suggestions on topics.
  2. Surfing & Searching the Internet often gives you a lot of ideas on various news and current trends. You can always look out for new topics and happening on Social Media platforms.
  3. Whenever you come across a new update or news, questions from customers, prospects, colleagues, friends or something strikes your mind, you can always note it down to do research on it later on.
  4. You can create a RSS feed group from popular news and information sources to get  periodical & regular updates on popular and trending topics around the globe which interests you.

content marketingImprove the Quality of Content-

  • Get into the habit of using Thesaurus which really helps you to develop your vocabulary and creatively crafting your words.
  • Always try to find data for what you write to make it accountable, valid & to back up your points. Content with valid data is much more engaging and attracts more readers.
  • Always check your grammar and the words you use in content.
  • Refrain from being monotonous by posting same textual contents. You can always post images, videos, Infographics or data roundups etc. Visual content is much more engaging than texts.

Optimizing Posts

  • Follow Google Trends to compare two title variation to make the title more search friendly.
  •  You can use link shortener & tracking tool to learn more about they link whether people clicks internal links, images or in-text CTAs
  •  Always make your internal link stand out from the text by making it bold and longer to attract readers attention and gain clicks.
  •  Implement Google+ authorship tags for your content as search engine gives much more weightage or importance to them with authorship and enable your post to appear at higher positions in search results page and thus you get more clickthroughs.