With every season, fashion trends keep on changing, where some of the biggest bridal trends have been observed, followed by fashion week ones. Celebrities are more likely to be spotted as a style icon, while there are some basic fashion aesthetics that are always in fashion. However, there are a few fashion staples that are must for any fashion conscious girl to have them in her wardrobe.

White Heel: The Top Fashion Staple 2014

The reappearance of the white heel is a big time hit among Hollywood stars, where some of the major style icons have been spotted with this staple. So, you can go for one to be in the limelight for the year, while you need to be careful about your attire to make a match for the top staple. Being associated with the era of 1980s, this trend has made a great comeback this year, adding a glitz to the wardrobe this year also.

Fashion Staples Since, these can’t be matched up with all the outfits, so you need to be choosy, while you can move out to any of the numerous online fashion stores to buy spectacular matching attire for the same. Being a unique-fit material, you might need to spend extra money to add it to your wardrobe with some matching outfits. Though, you can use several coupons and deals available online like the fashion and you coupons to minimize the cost of adding fashion staples to your wardrobe.

Must Have Fashion Staples

Although, the white heels have made it to be the top fashion staple for the year 2014, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have any other staple to be added to your closet. A few of the fashion staples that you must have in your closet for an all-time fashionable look are discussed below:

  • A plain white shirt or a blouse: A crisp white shirt or a blouse is a perfect piece that can be worn on many occasions. You can pair this up with a denim pair, a pencil skirt, a mini skirt or other outfits for different occasions like a casual wear, a board meeting, an interview or a night out party. This fashion staple is the top in the list of must-have wardrobe additions.
  • Well-fitted Denim Pair: A pair of denim is one of the most vital and versatile clothing pieces for your wardrobe, which come with many other options to be paired up with. You can pair them up with different outfits like tops, shirts or others have a casual, funky or any other appearance of your choice.
  • Blazer: Going to an urgent meeting on casual day-out can save you time by changing your outfit, if you own a black blazer. With this fashion staple, you can add more style to your official as well as casual looks.
  • A Smart Jacket: With a perfect fitting, a well-fitted and a stylish linen jacket can add casual and polished looks to your personality. Rolled up sleeves, paired with a denim pair make you ready for a casual Sunday afternoon.

Along with this, you can also add a finishing touch from a range of accessories like a scarf, bag or others available at different online stores.