Sir Francis Bacon was a Viscount, Attorney General and served as Lord Chancellor of England in early 17th century. He was a famous philosopher and author of his time, he once said and I quote, “God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasure”. The reason I put this quote of his in this short article is that not only me but the researchers agree that human psychology has some very pleasant effect when they are surrounded by the natural garden. The eyes, brain and hormone secretion are very smooth when one is surrounded by greenery of natural garden. You must have seen that many interior decorators use large canvas prints of natural sceneries to decorate the walls of a place, the reason behind is the same effect of greenery and natural scenery on our psychology. Everything in a world is bound to have a weakness and here is ours. Starting from the beginning in Garden of Eden with Adams and Eva, the pleasure did the job for us to be sent on earth.

Coming back to the indoor gardening, idea of having trees indoor is pretty amazing. Having an indoor plant or a tree gives a louder interior decoration statement than cheap photos on canvas of some amazing sceneries. For some people it might not be a good idea as they might be worried about pests and cleanliness of their interior. To them I would say, once you get an indoor plant or a tree, you might be having someone like a pet at your side. These are not just words; time will tell you when you have something like that and care for it yourself like a pet. Here are few indoor trees to have and bit of tips for taking care of them.

indoor TreeFiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The tree has relatively big leaves and maybe that is the reason that it is very famous as an indoor tree. Looking at the latest trends in the market, fiddle leaf fig tree top the charts as pick by majority. Another reason behind it being the pick is its easy handling and caring. It requires bright to medium sunlight so you have to put it somewhere near the window. It goes up to a height of 15 feet so make sure you pick the place accordingly. Water it when the upper crest of the soil feels dry to the touch.

Dragon Tree

This one is nearly as famous as the previous one. The name has uniqueness and is also known as ‘Madagascar Tree’. The branches of the tree can be twisted and shaped according to the requirement of the area in which you are to keep it. It is also pretty smooth from taking care point of view. It requires bright sunlight but not direct sunlight. The dragon tree goes up to the height of 10 feet. It needs to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is one of the most beautiful indoor trees. They have large dark green leaves. The leaves almost look artificial to the touch because of their thickness. Trimming down to the size you want to keep or letting it grow is entirely unto you. The tree adjusts well in both conditions and cutting down doesn’t affect it. It goes up to a height of 8 feet mostly and about 4 feet wide. It requires bright to moderate light and can be kept away from direct sunlight.