Here are ten gadgets that are going to make studying easier for different reasons. The list is in no particular order, but if it was then the number one would still be number one on this list. The others are really only relevant depending upon what you are learning. For example, an MP3 player is going to be a far better learning tool for a language student than a programming student.

1 – A PC

This has to be the biggest no brainer of a year. A PC can do anything that any of your other gadgets can do with the exception of fitting in your pocket. There are few programs you cannot run and few things you cannot do, which means that any aspect of learning can be done and applied with this device. Of all the gadgets on this list, this is the only one that trumps them all together.

2 – A digital projector

Why have such a device when it is better suited in schools. There are a number of reasons. You can use it to better memorize what you are learning. You can use it to project educational movies on. You can use it to present your own learning seminars, as it is common knowledge that if you present information in a way that you may teach it then you learn it better.

Noika lumia3 – A Smartphone for flashcards

A Smartphone is not really a great device for learning. It is not built for learning no matter what Apple tell you. However, if you feel you must make use of a Smartphone when learning then flashcard apps are probably the best. They can go on tablets too, but one feels a tremendous feeling of wasted space on tablet devices when using flashcards.

4 – An e-reader

This is a great tool for learning because it allows you to read digital documents easily and without having to lean forwards as you do when reading from a screen.

5 – A camera

Create photographic visual notes or photograph things for your project. As it says in the introduction, it all depends upon relevancy. A camera may work well with environmental studies, geology or art classes, but may not be so useful within math classes.

6 – An alarm clock and timer

We have an attention span that runs anything from ten minutes to fifty minutes. Figure out your average attention span and have the timer alarm beep at that time. You should then change projects or activities, or at the very least you should have a five or ten minute break. It stops you spending hours daydreaming.

7 – A scientific calculator

It is one of those learning tools where if you need it then you know you need it. Still, it is a very good learning tool. The scientific calculators of today are many times more intelligent than desktop computers were twenty years ago.

8 – An MP3 Player

You can get on trains or busses or go for jogs and keep on learning all the time with your MP3 player. They are great for listening to seminars and audio books. You can even record your own notes so that you may hear them. If you have a very cool partner then you could read their notes and they could read out your notes. You then get to listen to them talk and revise your work at the same time.

9 – Noise cancelling earphones

Whether you just want a bit of silence or you want to be able to hear the audio books playing, it is great to have noise cancelling earphones so that you are not put off by the racket outside. They are handy if you live in a busy dorm.

10 – A tablet with a stylus

To create mind maps. It is a poor excuse for buying a tablet device but if you have money to burn then it is not a bad idea. If not then you will have to make your mind maps on your desktop PC. If you have a stylus and a pad then you can draw your mind maps on a desktop computer. The only problem with a tablet and stylus is that you do not have the great keyboard that you get with a PC. But, it is very easy to draw your mind map on a tablet with a stylus, and it is easier to create a less uniform mind map, since the more uniform ones are often harder to read (and more boring too).

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