Environment, health and safety are a few concerns which are gaining top priority for most of the organisation. With an increasing number of federal laws, local and regional reporting guidelines governing the subject, health and safety compliance at workplace is mandatory. Organisations must adequately address any risk of occupational health and safety of their employees. If your organisation has not yet started the risk assessment process, appropriate preventive measures are likely to be identified and put in place immediately.

The process of identifying risks, assessing the risks and developing plans to manage risks is what is called risk management. Business impact analysis and risk management plan are important aspects of your business continuity plan. To help your business recover any unwanted hazards quickly, you need to understand the potential risks associated to your business and find ways to minimise their impact.

Energy drinkWho is responsible for managing health and safety risks?

Firstly, persons who conduct a business undertakings ideally have health and safety duties to manage under the following conditions:

When they

  • Put employees at risk from the conduct of their business undertakings
  • Engage workers to undertake work from them or influence work carried out by workers
  • Instruct workers to control workplace fixtures, fittings or plants
  • Design, manufacture, import and supply plant for use at workplace.

Secondly,officers must exercise due diligence to make sure that the business undertaking complies with the health and safety Act and Regulation. However, to need to take some reasonable steps to

Understand the risks and hazards involved within the operation of the business undertaking

Ensure that the business has utilised appropriate resources and processes to eliminate risks associated with health and safety.

What is involved in managing risks?

An effective management commitment from those who operate and manage business or undertaking is essential to deal with health and safety risks.  In addition, they need the support and cooperation of other workers involved as well. However, to demonstrate their commitment they should

  • Invests time and money to solve health and safety risks
  • Ensure health and safety responsibilities are clearly understood.

A safe and healthy workplace does not happen just like that. There should be proper strategic planning to

  • Identify the hazards: to find out the causes behind the disaster
  • Assess risks if necessary: to understand the nature of the harm that could cause the hazards,
  • Control risks: executing the most effective measures to control risks that are reasonably practical
  • Review control measures: to ensure the control measures are working as per they are planned.

Risk management is a proactive process to help you facilitate continuous improvement in your business. The process should be systematic and covers any foreseeable hazards and its associated risks. In addition, there should be a representative to consult with the workers to give them the opportunity to express their views. Their views are taken into account before taking any decisions on health and safety matter. By drawing on the experience and knowledge of the workers you are more likely to identify the potential or existing hazards and accordingly plan an effective control measures.

What is the right time to implement risk assessment plan?

Although managing health and safety risks is a continuous process, especially triggered when there are any changes that affect your work activities, there are a few situations where risk assessment is critical when

  • Changing work practices and processes or the work environment
  • Planning to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Using new equipment for industrial use
  • Responding to workplace incidents
  • Staring a new business.

Good health and safety management practices always encourage higher employee retention and therefore increase efficiency and productivity. If your organisation is in search of a renowned health and safety risk assessor you may contact Lighthouse Risk Services. Their team of qualified and experienced staff will not provide rehearsed advice but will help to solve your problem most efficiently.