Office furniture is statistically proven to affect the efficiency of workers. The right furniture encourages better posture, which has two core benefits on people: a) it prevents many postural problems like neck and back pain, b) it reduces sluggishness during work hours. Many offices round the world have started paying attention to the ergonomics of their workplace by installing human-friendly furniture including ergonomic chairs and desks.

# 16% of the Total Loss in Operational Efficiency is Due to Poor Posture

Recent researches have shown that 16% loss in productivity at work is due to incorrect posture. Now, as a smart employer, you can estimate how fast the investment you make in replacing your office furniture will pay off for itself besides adding to employee delight.

mn8# An Office Worker Spends 80,000 Hours Just Sitting in Office!

You and your colleagues deserve a more comfortable 80,000 hours. The significant portion of one’s days that one spends on their office desks can, not only be made more comfortable but can also boost their performance at work by using high quality ergonomic chairs.

Bad posture may lead to several silent occupational hazards that can well be avoided by investing in ergonomic chairs.

# Discourage Workplace Warping by Buying Advanced Fulcrum Chairs

People tend to warp in their chairs if the angle between the basin of the chair and their back is not correct. Chairs with advanced fulcrum discourage those awful warping postures by letting you adjust the angle for a harmonious position. So make the wise decision to switch to these chairs before your employees start complaining of sore backs.

# Choose a Chair that Allows Flexibility

Sitting in one position for too long is not good for the body. In addition to encouraging frequent breaks for stretching and exercising, you must bring in your office chairs that let people change their postures without any additional efforts. Ergonomic chairs bend and incline as you want them to; so you can lean back, move sideward for accessing files or systems, and adjust postures through the day.

# Try to Find Chairs that Automatically Adjust to the Spine

Chairs not only need to have a medically fit design in general, but must also be customizable to suit every individual’s height and built. Some ergonomic chairs have intelligent backs that automatically adjust to the spine of the person sitting in them. They are very comforting to the spine for long hours, and naturally lead to enhanced productivity.

# Novel Ergonomic Chairs Allow Extended Ability for Multi-tasking

Nearly all workplaces require employees to manage multiple chores through multiple screens or systems; with ergonomic chairs in place, the process becomes far more comfortable for your folks, leading to enhanced speed and efficiency.

Flexible headrest and adjustable arm rests are some of the features that latest ergonomic chairs have, making it possible for the user to multi-task through her day. Therefore, switching from one screen to the other, or using a desktop and tablet simultaneously, become very convenient with these chairs.

How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Chairs? 

1. Observe Your People in Action

Among ergonomic chairs, there is a wide variety. Carefully analyzing your employees’ requirements will help you choose the most appropriate chairs for them. The best way to do so is to observe your staff in action for a few days: are their daily activities comprised mostly of in-person interactions, does their work require sitting down in the same place for long hours without break, or do they need to frequently stand up and move around for chores? With a list of requirements in hand, you can go on to explore the market for suitable chairs.

2. Seek Employee Participation in Choosing Appropriate Chairs

Let your employees choose for themselves. You can ask for some samples of office chairs that they can test and choose on their own. This way, you let your employees pick up furniture that suits their individual needs best.

We hope that these points demonstrate the importance of ergonomic furniture. Have you switched to ergonomic office furniture? Has it helped your business boost productivity? Please share your experiences in the comments!