Homes with large driveways and wide entrances need high quality fences and gates to cordon the property. Even otherwise, gates and fences define the boundaries of your property. When gates are well planned and automated, it makes it easy to control who comes in or goes out of the property. You will have a fine combinatio5 Easy Tricks to Keeping Your Brick Home Dry and Mold Freen of convenience and security for your property.

When it comes to gates, there are two basic varieties. One is the sliding gate and the other swinging gate. People often get confused between the two. Sometimes they are unable to decide which is better for their property. The type of gate you chose should depend on the type of entrance that you have.

Some entrances and pathways are narrow. For these kinds of entrances, a sliding gate would be ideal. For properties that have wide entrances, a swinging gate may be the right choice. A swinging gate should have ample space to move around in both directions.

# Swinging gates

Swinging gates can be designed to open both ways, in or out and both. They are fixed to a concrete wall with a hinge. They require slightly less maintenance than the sliding gates and are also little safer to operate. They do not make too much noise, as long as they are greased and maintained.

# Sliding gates

The best benefit of sliding gates is that they save space. They slide inside a column attached to the wall. They do not need vast spaces like the swinging gates. You can either choose sliding gates that come together or you can have a single gate that slides in one direction completely.  A single sliding gate can be very heavy and you may have challenges when automating it.

You also need to check the cost preferences when it comes to deciding about the gate. In general, it is best to approach a retailer who sells the gates and does gate automation as well. This will be more cost effective, as everything required will be handled under one roof.

How does gate automation work on swinging and sliding gates?

Gate automation can be done on both swinging and sliding gates. They come with remotes and keypads. The keypads are installed inside the house and will have a small screen TV. The gates will be fixed with remote control operators and a hidden camera. The gates will also include an automatic lock that opens and locks when it receives a signal. The installation of the gate also depends on how heavy the gates are going to be.

There are wide range of swinging and sliding gates available. Basically, when you are shopping for one, you should choose something that is simple and straightforward to operate. You may also want to consider some other points before you decide to buy the gates –

A property may have more than one entry and exit points. This plays an important role because if you have more than one entry point you will be able to get a package deal and have a single point operation for the gates.

If you have secured your property with fence then what kind of gates are best for you? For this, you will need to call in an expert who handles the gates and also automation. He will be able to make a few suggestions on gate installation. They will consider several aspects like is there enough room for the gate to operate, can a gate automated system be installed with centralized control, what are the various access points to the property, and so on.

Personal preferences also play a role. Some people would like a remote operated gate and some will prefer a keypad operated gate. Depending on your needs the expert will be able to make the right logical suggestion.

There are several superior fences and gates automation companies in Australia which offer a wide collection of swinging and sliding gates and also provide fencing solutions. You can choose fencing and gate automation based on your budget and architecture of your property. It is advisable to take a combo solution for both fencing and gate automation. This will make things affordable and convenient.