What makes a premium destination for people looking for holidays in islands, forest, beaches and beautiful flora and fauna ambience? No guesses on this one, it is the Kingdom of Thailand that takes care of the aforementioned plus provides you with the best shopping and eating hubs with the amazing nightlife experiences in terms of night clubs and more. Tourism in Thailand is a good mix of relaxing yet adventurous trip with having to get indulged in various spa treatments and massages that the country is most celebrated for and then go deep in underwater mysteries and beauty with scuba diving and other recreational activities plus the beachside resorts, villas and other luxurious accommodations adds to the aura of tourism in Thailand.

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There are few places and islands that you must visit having to embark upon the country which stretched in all the diverging directions of North, South, East and West.

  • Bangkok is on our number one list being the capital and largest city of Thailand it is according to the census reports one of the most visited cities in the world, so visit Bangkok which is centrally located for amazing nightlife, great shopping experience, mouth -watering food and picturesque islands!
  • Towards the northern part of the city, Chiang Mai is one famous night bazaar spread over acres of land where you could shop for imported goodies, clothes, handicrafts, etc., shopping would prove to be very encompassing comprehensive and satisfactory here
  • Pattaya which is towards the eastern side is one major tourist attraction for its amazing seaside resorts and beautiful beaches
  • Phuket and Phi Phi islands lying towards the southern side makes a must visit agenda with Phuket having to offer scuba diving and other recreational activities along with relaxing spas and massages and Phi Phi islands is where the busy streets and crowded ambiences of Phuket dissolves into a calming and serene experience with an amazing way to sunbathe in the golden beaches.

Hotels in Thailand; what you can get hold of

As for the stay in Thailand, you can choose from an array of cheap to reasonable and to expensive accommodations, hotels in Thailand could be seven five or three stars as well as hotels that are cheap yet comforting. Then there are villas and beachside side resorts that would be on the higher end range, some of the resorts like the one in Phuket is famous worldwide. Sometimes shopping marks the major purpose of undertaking the journey to Thailand especially Bangkok and for this reason there are hotels in Thailand which is situated on the market or shopping areas to provide the ease of shopping. However keep one thing in mind that while choosing hotels in Thailand which are not provided by the beach or hotel resorts pick on that one which is not too far to walk to the islands and that it is well connected to transportation links like ‘Tuk-tukis’ or other public transport.

So the kingdom of Thailand offers you fun, enjoyment, serene time, relaxing holidays and adventurous activities, do get indulged in the beauty of it.

This guest post was by Stephenleuis, a Travel enthusiast and has written on hotels in Thailand. Hope this information will help you to plan your trip to Thailand.