Taipei is far and away the largest city on the island of Taiwan. With a popular of over 2.6 million people, it is currently its largest cultural center as well. When visitors head in to the city, they should try to develop an itinerary for themselves over time. This will make people uniquely prepared to see everything that the city itself has to offer. Visitors will find that many hotels and other activities are located just a short distance from the international airport. They should try to rent out cars through an agency in the area, which will help people customize their experience going forward.

TaiwanMany people will want to start by viewing some of the prominent sites to see in the area. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is an expansive complex that will be sure to draw in many people looking to explore the history of the area. This is a monument dedicated to one of the founding figures of Taiwan who played a prominent role in its development. The Taipei 101 tower is a prominent landmark here as well, which carries its own distinctive look. It actually offers quite a few scenic photograph moments, which will appeal to the sensibilities of many travelers.

On the outskirts of the city, there are a few different natural sites for people to explore as well. Wulai Hot Springs is a consistent draw for visitors in the area. This will help people relax and take a break from the hectic nature of Taipei. Yangminshan National Park is another popular destination, since it offers an almost unlimited amount of hiking opportunities. There are forested hills nearby that will actually provide an expansive overview of the cityscape. This could be another great chance for people to take photos of the surrounding area as they move forward.

Some travelers will no doubt want to experience some of the expansive cultural festivals that are held here. The Golden Horse Chinese Language Film Festival is a consistent draw for many people in the area. These are often considered to be the Oscars of the Asian film world, since they tend to bring in some influential celebrities from this region. The Lantern Festival is another popular choice, owing to the fact that it will showcase an impressive light display each year. This is a major cultural event for the city, so visitors should be prepared for the local population to expand during this time.

There are a full range of accommodation options available to anyone who wants to check out this location for themselves sometime soon. Visitors should review some of the selections in the East Taipei and West Taipei regions when they get a chance. Hostels are becoming increasingly popular for visitors to the area as well, which will provide an undeniable appeal to travelers operating on a budget. Visitors should make sure that their hotel will actually be located near some of the sites within the city. This will help make sure that the trip itself will be convenient for everyone involved.

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