With the ever changing world, security has become the primary concern for one and all. Being safe is the need of the hour and to stay secure at home, safety begins at the Security Doors. You may have the best alarm systems installed and may be you have a dog too for your safety, but all this is not enough if you do not have a good security door. Studies have proved that most burglars use the front door or the back door to break into the house. We have some suggestions for you to keep your family safe, by keeping your doors secure:medium_11389204803

  1. Be sure your main doors are not hollow. You can check this by simply knocking on them. If there are hollow they can be easily broken in. The main doors should be essentially made of either of these metals, wood, fiberglass or metal. If you are using a metal door, make sure they are reinforced from inside and have a lock block, otherwise it becomes easy to break them using a car jack.
  2. Your door should open to the outside and not inside. This prevents any forceful entry into the house.
  3. The doors need to be windowless and there should be no window near to them. It is easier to break in through the windows. If you have sliding glass doors or windows make sure they have a grill or are covered with unbreakable poly-carbonate panel, so that no one can break the glass to gain entry in the house.
  4. A deadbolt lock is a must on all the main exit doors, front or back. These are needed in addition to the built in locks. An exception can be made to the sliding doors. The deadbolt lock should be of good quality, preferably a grade 1 or 2 lock which has no signs of loose screws. Replace your deadbolt locks if they are less than an inch.
  5. Your sliding doors need to have keyed locks at the top and bottom. You can also invest in a bar lock, it swings to the center of the door from its frame, to avoid the door from sliding. Also, the glass needs to be replaced with poly-carbonate panels, so that it cannot be shattered or broken.
  6. Ensure that your strike plates are of good quality and are secured using minimum three screws. A strike plate is the metal around the lock, that ensures the lock remains sturdy. Many strike plates are of low quality and not too strong. In case you have moved in new, check these and get them replaced at the earliest.
  7. If you have just shifted houses, remember to change the locks of the house. There may be others who have the keys to the house! Also, if you lose the keys do not get them remade, replace the locks. Who knows who has the keys now!
  8. Check the hinges of the doors at regular intervals. They should not be loose, if loose, get them fixed as soon as you can.

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