The European health card is an insurance certificate that is personal and cannot be transferred from one individual to another. It shows that the holder can receive any medication related to work, schooling or tourism while in the European territory, economic area and Switzerland. It therefore takes into account the benefits and the period of time within which they stay.

Managing Diabetes

There are various types of diabetes and this article talks about gestational diabetes. This is diabetes to expectant mothers. It mostly occurs due to hormonal imbalance and the body’s need for insulin. This type of diabetes increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. As such, it is advisable to adapt health eating habits as discussed below.

Energy drinkCarbohydrates

Foods containing carbohydrates may include fruits, bread, cereals, noodles, rice, and vegetables rich in starch, legumes, milk and yoghurt among others. They are very important as they are broken down to help in energy generation for the body. However, there are other foods with low nutritional value such as sugar, fruit juices and cakes and biscuits. It is therefore advisable to avoid them during that period.


Though the fat amounts taken should be limited, there are some foods that should be taken to improve the same. These may include; olive oils and margarine, avocados, unsalted nuts, lean meats and skinless chicken. Fat does not affect glucose levels directly but carbohydrates do. However, fats cause rapid weight gain which may be dangerous.

Calcium and iron

The requirement for both proteins and iron increase rapidly during this period. It is therefore advisable for expectant mothers to take low fat but rich in calcium foods at least three times in a day. Some of the iron obtained from foods such as red meat, fish and chicken are absorbed directly into the body.


Since protein is important for the growth of the unborn infant, it should be taken at least 2 times in a day. This may include foods such as fish, eggs, skinless chicken and lean meat. Blood glucose level is not directly affected by such foods. Others such as yoghurt, milk and legumes are also important as they are goods protein sources.

Other Directory Considerations

Highly nutritional foods that do not involve rapid weight gains and increase in blood levels can continuously be taken without limitation. These include fruits with low fats such as strawberry, passion fruits and limes. Salad, stir fry and green vegetables are other vegetables with low carbohydrate spread. 5 serves of vegetables daily is a requirement. Foods that increase the risk of listeria contraction should be avoided.

Those from families with allergies on food and other intolerances should visit their doctors at early stages. As such, doctors should give guidelines on what should or should not be taken. It is therefore important to eat healthily, foods containing high fiber and low fats such as fruits and vegetables. Balanced diet is therefore very essential for expectant mothers. Thus the European health card is an insurance certificate that is personal and cannot be transferred from one individual to another it helps in your medical emergencies.

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