We all do things in our daily life that, in hindsight, are terrible ideas. This usually isn’t realized until after the negative consequences have occurred. Some of these things are so stupid and dangerous that can result in the death or injury of yourself or others.

Texting While Driving

This is number one on the list for a number of reasons. We have all heard about the dangers, and particularly teen deaths, associated with texting while driving. The average response time for a text message is five seconds, which is more than enough time to find yourself in a serious accident.

Five Stupid Things People Do That You Should Avoid At All CostsJaywalking

Jaywalking is a petty crime that we have all been known to commit from time to time. However, this can also be very dangerous, especially on a crowded street. Waiting a few extra minutes for your turn to walk across the street is definitely a better alternative to being in critical condition in a hospital room.

Walking Through High Crime Areas

After living in a certain place for long enough, you should get to know the bad areas of town. Should you have to travel through one of these areas or neighborhoods, be sure to have a cell phone and some friends with you to make sure everyone stays safe. You are far more likely to become the victim of a robbery in a gang stricken neighborhood than simply walking around main street.

Taking Too Much Medicine

Accidental overdose is a very real problem, especially for those that have to keep up with a large amount of daily medication. The symptoms of an overdose should be listed on the medicine bottle along with contact information for your local poison control center. You should call for help immediately if you suspect you have accidentally overdosed, as the results often prove to be fatal.

Driving Without A Seat Belt

“Click it or ticket” is something that every driver sees on the road all the time. This is more than just a warning, as that annoying seat belt could save your life. The seat belt purpose is to stop your body from continuing to move after the car stops, ultimately preventing you from flying through the window. You’ll definitely want to remember to buckle up next time you drive; it could save your life. Informational Credit: Stipe, Harper, Laizure, Uselton, Belote, Maxcey & Thetford, wrongful death attorneys in McAlester