Hair extensions have been quite popular among women across the globe due to varied reasons. Before purchasing a hair extension, it is necessary consider buying one that would best fit the requirements and to provide the desired effect, the reason for which these extensions have been purchased in the first case. A better bet would be to buy Indian colored straight hair that is known to have been created from real high quality materials, and also, lasts long. By using this, the individual can very much enhance her beauty and be the center of all attraction.


It is very important for the person to do a thorough research before purchasing the hair extension. There are various factors like the length of the extension to be purchased, the color, texture and the budget allotted. These are something that are easily found on the web. Even most reputed hair extension sellers make it a point to educate their clients so that a well informed decision is taken. It is a fact that a set of 25 strands hair extension tends to be pricey than another 100 strand extension. This is due to the type and quality of the hair extension, which influences its price.

Why Indian hair?

Although there are several types and brands of hair extensions, which include Chinese, European, and Indian hair, it is the latter one that is great demand in the market. European hair is said to be expensive and only average individuals would be able to derive it. Another factor is because of its low supply. Chinese hair though the least expensive is thick. The texture needs to be properly treated in chemicals before it is ready to be used in the hair extensions. After the treatment, it would lack in shine, and thus, have some rough textures. Hence, most of the Chinese extensions are said to be coated with silicon for bringing back its shiny nature and enhancing its attractiveness. However, after washing the hair, the coated silicon is sure to be washed off after some time, leaving the hair less shiny than it was at the time of buying. Furthermore, it is also not that strong as it gets treated with chemicals. However, Indian hair does come in shiny and fine tresses. Its structure is similar to the expensive European extensions because of its appearance, but it does have an affordable tag, which helps it to be purchased by the average individual, without burning a hole in their pocket.

Also, Indian hair is available in different styles and designs since it is quite easy to be cared and maintained. A better thing about this particular product is that its duration is considered to be much longer when compared to the other types of commonly available human hair extensions. One can have it dyed, without making it to look dull.

These are some of the reasons for most women to consider buying Indian hair. It provides the wearer with such a natural look that no one would be able to recognize if the person is wearing an extension or not.