Who doesn’t like shopping? We go window shopping, we do actual shopping and as the phrase goes we ‘shop till we drop’. There was a time where a lot of people got bored of shopping and there were the opposites who loved shopping even if tired. Why should you exert yourself when you can shop online? You don’t get tired. You have the control over your family shopping. You give your card only if you think the amount is right. You can even buy while the payment is on delivery. So many options while you shop online. One such shop that opened is selling only trendy clothes and accessories for men and Women.

When we shop for good tops for women in the market we need to try out so many when to get that right fit. You get the best of the best and there are more than 250 tops as a collection you can browse through. The number 250 is not a small one as you have to go through every top one by one.

imagesYou can even browse through categories such as Tops & Jersey Tops. The difference between tops and jersey is nothing but the fabric used to manufacture it. You can browse through the trendy tops for women by choosing your price and working out a good amount of clothes and at the same time keeping the budget tight enough .The price is not a concern as it starts from a meager Rs.400/- to Rs 1000/-

You have a collection of assorted tops classified by color. Black, whites an all the color you can think of. Multicolored options are also included. When you choose a top you should buy according to your size and the look and feel of the top should match you and enhance your figure. Never take a smaller size just to look thinner, in contrast it makes you look fatter. Always choose the pattern according to your size.

You can select your top in accordance to your theme, occasion and the collection available on the store.

The types of collection include:

  •        casual wear
  •        lacy love
  •        moody blooms
  •        romantic lines
  •        monochromatic mania
  •        pastel princess
  •        dazzling diva
  •        global diva
  •        global diva
  •        color block
  •        retro rule
  •        right cut

You can choose according to their fashionable collections, such as sheer shapes, boutique wear, black is back, pink power, red rose, Rock star, Spring Love, Summertime Madness, Winter Wear, White angel. You can choose your favorite top by occasions such as Divine Day Times, Enchanted Evening, Holiday, Party All night, the office, Uptown Chic.

Stalkbuylove has its own policy and terms and conditions to follow as well as various payment options you can cherry-pick from. They have offices in London, berlin, New Delhi. They happen to assure the best quality tops that exceeds European quality standards. They create styles people flow by keeping a design team and manufacturing them in –house as well. They update if there are new stocks added, so that you can check in, buy out and check out only to get your stuff in 5-6 working days maximum.

The author is an online marketing associate working with Stalkbuylove and loves sharing the new shopping trend online.