As SEO is getting widely used by online marketers around the world, it’s getting complex because of the updates and alterations of the Google’s algorithm. In order to have a compelling SEO strategy, one must follow hundreds and thousands of factors that relies the guidelines of Google. Since, it has not been disclosed by Google, it is only the guessing of the webmasters who can watch for practically proven strategies that can ensure a good progress in their search engine optimization strategies.

Improper Quality of the Content:

The most common mistake made during the creation of website is spending much time in building an attractive website while entirely ignoring the quality of the content. Search engine always looks only for the quality of what is written in text and not the look of the images. Content matters a lot in giving weight-age in terms of ranking rather than the image quality.

Top 6 Unethical Ways to Be Avoided in SEOBetter the content, the more its read and shared across the audience. It will be better linked improving the website’s value, relevancy and uniqueness in engaging the content making the visitors to come back again, which gives search engines a better impression to look at your website is really worth it to be listed on the SERP.

Keyword Stuffing:

Gone are the days where stuffing keywords would take your position to the top in the search results. Now it is considered as the most unethical way of SEO and is highly prohibited. Doing so will lead to the penalization of the search engine or banning of the site from the index of Google.

Pursuing Black Hat SEO Tactics:

Black hat SEO is something that has controversial strategies that violates the guidelines of Google and other search engines making it unethical and leading to severe penalty. Some of the keyword spam, irrelevant content, link farms and etc., by doing so leads to heavy penalization rather you would think of so it’s better to obey the guidelines and take time in building quality links that are worth to sustain for a long run.

Staying Inactive in Social Networking Platform:

Posting quality content and sharing it in social platforms will attract even more visitors and produce referral traffic to your website. It will help in enabling your website to get spread on larger networks and exposing it globally will also gain recognition for your content and increase your branding.

No Off-Page Optimization:

Next to the on-site optimization, off-page SEO is a big plus in increasing the popularity of the website. In addition to the directory submission and blog commenting, posting high quality content in guest posting and developing big relationships with reputable websites will also enhance the awareness of your brand. This will also impact your positions in the search engine’s results page.

Search Engine Algorithm Updates:

Search engines like Google, Bing periodically updates its algorithm with new changes and features that are very challenging for the website optimizers to change their strategies according to the latest guidelines of the search engine. If you are not well-aware of the latest updates and the optimization procedures, then you work may get affected. So, in order to make your SEO strategy a grand success, try to keep up your website that matches the rules and regulations of the latest search algorithm updates.

Amy Jasmine is an accomplished blogger who loves to share interesting stuff on the internet. Apart from blogging she is passionate on teaching SEO and web design training in Chennai, to the graduates in enriching their career towards the online marketing field.