Many ask why they would want to root their smart phones. Rooting your android Smartphone makes your phone perform better and gives you more control over your android device. This is only possible due to useful apps like ROM Manager and Cachemate. In addition, it also alters the user interface appearance. Remove of bloatware, which is preinstalled apps, is also possible. Rooted android phones also allow you to perform full backups of your device and personalize more device settings and components. In order to allow your phone to have extra functionality, system tweaks, and performance, below are top five apps to install to your rooted android device.

Nokia Lumia 1020SetCPU

Just like with a computer, a CPU is the blood life of your android device. This is actually one of the most powerful apps you will ever come across. With this app, you can take control of the settings of your CPU. It increases the speed and efficiency of your android, although this will depend with your current usage. Multitasking requires maximum processing speed, making SetCPU your perfect solution since it squeezes any existing performance within the chip. When you phone is not in use the app disengages the CPU power in order to conserve the live of the battery.

Root Explorer

This is a user-friendly graphical interface, which allows you to navigate the regions of your phone that were inaccessible to you. Copying, pasting and other activities done routinely such as deleting multiple or single files turn out to be simple chore if your rooted device is installed with root explorer. Factory settings normally lock down the file system of a phone making all folders very inaccessible by you. Once you root your device, you get the permit and this is where this app comes in handy. Root explorer allows you to create bookmarks, send files through Bluetooth and email, retrieve, and create compressed files when needed. You get the pleasure of enjoying your received Bluetooth files such as music using the best Bluetooth headsets. This is the antidote if you want to manage files quickly and neatly.

Titanium backup

Accidents are prone to happen even with your rooted android phone. However, with titanium backup you can be able to preserve critical data and system setup. This app offers you peace of mind in critical situations as if even your android rooted phone drowns in the bathtub you can restore your entire data to a new device easily. All your data is backed up to the SD card of your phone when it is still in its default mode. This app should not be thought as optional rather as a must have because in the event of data catastrophe you will be at ease since your information and critical system setup will be protected and ready to be installed to a new device.

Ad free

This app automatically applies for updates, creates symlink when needed, and checks server daily for updates. You can agree that what ad free does for your android device is downright beautiful.


This app is your watchdog for ensuring that malicious programs have no access to your phone.