Learning is hard enough and monotonous enough at the best of times. It is already rough enough for the fact that we are taught not to like school. We are forced into a monotonous position and forced to work for fear of expulsion, so that even if the lesson was Chinese we are still forced to go through it. When most children leave school they are so sick of school that they never want to learn again. The joy of reading was not taken by TV or video games, it was taken by school.

Still, we move on and try our best in the real world with the hopes of someday achieving happiness. Here are five items that may be used by home scholars or by people who are learning something new and want it easy for a change. They are five gadgets that work to help you learn better.

1 – A PC

A PC is probably one of the best inventions in the last hundred years.  They have gone such a very long way and yet we are still improving them at an astronomical rate of technological improvements. That is why the PC comes top of this the list.  On your PC you may run programs, and since you are a learner you may as well known of all bunch of educational programs.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to PC programs involving education.  Some of the most obvious and easily accessible educational programs are language learning programmers.  This is because language learning programmers are fairly easy to setup and they work very well on computers because it is simply a series of informative lessons based around building basic language knowledge.  There are other programs that teach you how to do things such as programming and graphic design.  Plus the PC has the fantastic ability to go on the Internet. And on the Internet you will find a wide range of tools.

These may be used for things such as learning math, the learning science, and learning some of the lesser known and less mainstream subjects such as homeopathy and a lock picking.  Place in essence you do have access to the world’s biggest database–that database being the World Wide Web.

Nokia Lumia 10202 – An E-Reader

Of all the mobile devices that are currently on the market, one has to give a shout out for the Electronic reader.  This is a device that does basically the same job as a book, except for the fact that it is able to store a massive amount of books upon it.

There is now more digital text in the world than there is written text on paper.  Reading from a digital screen on a laptop or a desktop computer is quite difficult.  When you have a digital text on an e-reader, then you get the benefit of being both able to lean forwards and backwards, whilst also having a more user friendly screen.

One cannot deny that the screen of the e-reader is far more comfortable on the eyes then the average laptop or PC.  And as mentioned, with a digital media are you able to lean backwards as you would a book and forwards as you would with a PC screen.  This means that e-reader gives you the best of both worlds.

3 – A digital projector

A digital project or may not seem like the first choice for the student trying to learn a certain subject.  However, if the digital projector is correctly used, then it may make quite a large impact on the student.  Firstly, it could be used to watch educational videos.

There are digital projectors which operate in full color these days which makes the watching experience rather good.  You will also feature mind maps on them and flowchart of every description.

When a student is presented with these rather images large and moving graphics it has a far greater effect on the student’s many words in system was reading it from a small book.  If the student is also a kinesthetic learner then there is even higher chance of these larger images making a more concrete and sustainable effect on the student.

4 – Speech recognition software

Speech recognition technology is not really as popular as it should be.  This is most likely because the most current iterations of speech recognition technology or not really very advanced.  They still make a lot of mistakes and that alone puts off a lot of students.  However the students who are willing to stick it out and give a speech recognition its proper fair try, often find that speech recognition technology is quite handy for taking down notes and even for dictating long pieces of text.

If for example, a student is doing a little bit of revision and would like to make some notes on the things the student has just said, and this may be done easily with speech recognition technology.  It is even handier for the fact that speech recognition technology does tend to make a lot of mistakes and that would call for students to proofread the text that he or she had just written.

In this way the students would be triple revising his or her work. That is because he or she would have to read it, speak it and then proofread it. All of that would make some fine revision.

5 – Sound proof headphones

Soundproof headphones are very good for the fact that they allow you to concentrate fully on the noises and sounds that are coming out of the earphones.  A student’s life may be filled with background noises that neither he nor she is able to control.

This may be very disconcerting for some students, however with sound proof headphones the student need no longer worry.  There are even some more expensive ones which are able to cancel out the sound of people around you even if there is no music of sound played within the earphones.