More and more businesses are turning to Instagram (IG) to extend customer experience. If you’re still on the process of contemplating how you will showcase your business in IG, the following might give you ideas.

1. Use hashtags popular to the industry you’re in

One thing businesses do to expand and tap potential markets is to participate in trends in the industry and related industries. In social media, “trending topics” and all-time popular topics are represented by hashtags.

hashtags about your industry - pepsiFor example, Pepsi Max is just one of the many businesses trying to get associated with the phenomenal Super Bowl, thus the hashtag. When users search for the hashtag, Pepsi’s photos will be one of those that appear.

2. Create a contest every now and then

Creating contests is one effective way to engage your customers. It allows them to express their creativity and at the same time, loyalty to your brand.

Airline ticket giveaways like KLM’s contest is always, always a contest people participate in. Note that they incorporate it with a marketing slogan “get comfy,” making IG contests a venue for promotions as well.

3. Post photos that reflect your business’ core values

One of Nike’s core values is looking at challenges as opportunities and it is well reflected in their IG feed with photos like this. Doing this strengthens your brand and reinforces positive notions about it because your customers associate you, through the photos you post, to the values you have set for your company.

4. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes sneak peek

Behind the scenes are always exciting, especially for fans of a brand they support. Another thing it does is it allows your customers to grasp the imagery of a work in progress or labor of love, whichever you prefer.

5. Post updates about your products

Instagram is not only about fun and the laidback stuff. If there’s anything it’s good at, it’s presenting a product to target market in a more personal manner.

In this photo, an AT&T employee works on an installation of a product on a new location. Instead of posting a product shot that you would see in bigger ads, they chose an employee in action. Sometimes, a selfie is more charming than the traditional way of showcasing products.

However, it would hurt to over-promote your business on Instagram so do this sparingly.

6. Post short videos about your business

You have to agree that videos are a cool addition to Instagram. For you, it means another opportunity to present products and business in the same fun and creative manner.

Kenzo, as depicted in this screen shot, posted a video of a steaming hot coffee (or chocolate?) in a Kenzo-branded collector mug that they gave away to guests of a show.